How to define a clear core message before you start writing your presentation slides?

Write your core message


Proven Blueprint to create a clear, memorable, and persuasive presentation slides that get results, whether it is for TED Talk, Conference, Startup/Company pitch, Project Management Deck, Digital Marketing Plan, Performance Metrics/Dashboard, freelancer pitch or personal CV. Here are the 6 steps to create CLEAR x MEMORABLE x PERSUASIVE presentation slides:

Clear Memorable Persuasive Presentation Templates

If there was one thing you wanted your audience to remember a few weeks after your presentation what would it be?

Poor presentation, no matter how good the visuals or even delivery may be, result from poor planning and a lack of focus on what your core points are and the key messages that you want people to take a way.

That is why writing your core message in the beginning is very vital to create impactful presentation.

In Step 1, you have collected all the necessary information about your audience. You know what the audience pain points are and what they expect to get from you in your presentation.

With that information, now you can identify, clarify and crystallize your core message.

What is the criteria in writing a clear “core” message?

What is your purpose to present to your audience? What do you want to achieve? Do you want to secure approval for a course of action or proposal of products or services or new ideas?  If there was one thing you wanted your audience to remember a few weeks after your presentation what would that be?

The “core” message is the one sentence (avoid list of points!) that captures all that must be done. There are three characteristics of a good “core” message:

  1. It should be prescriptivee. tell you the answer to the question you posed in your situation
  2. It should be specific and avoid generalizatione. tell you enough so the audience understand what needs to be done
  3. It should be actionablee. tell you enough to secure approval for a course of action

Examples of Good vs. Bad Core Message

Clear Memorable Persuasive Presentation Templates

Common problem found when writing the core message: List of “stuff”

When you brainstorm ideas for your presentation, it is tempting to write a list of points as your core message.

It is good for brainstorming, but it is definitely not good for a core message of presentation! Why? Because lists are neither memorable nor persuasive and often put audience to sleep.


Today I want to propose 12 ways to improve our company profit:

  • Sales
  • Margins
  • Products
  • Services
  • Innovation
  • Distribution network
  • Sales channels
  • Sales Force
  • Market Share
  • Expenses
  • Manufacturing process
  • Unnecessary expenses

There are 3 problems with lists like this:

  • It is not prioritized / organized, which makes your message not clear, and difficult to follow.
  • No one remembers lists except the first and last items. Your presentation is definitely not memorable!
  • People tune out. By item #3 most people have gone somewhere else in their minds and they only return to consciousness by last two points when they recognize it is nearly the end of your speech. You are certainly not making a persuasive presentation!

A list is good for brainstorming only. But to turn a brainstorming list into a clear, memorable and persuasive presentation, it requires you to organize and structure your thinking.

So how to turn your list into a clear core message?

First, find a grouping of these items – preferably 3 groups (the magic 3!)

Second, put action verbs at the front

Third, recast the core message to be action oriented, with the specifics (What, Who, When, Where, How)


To help you write a clear, well defined core message, the Guidelines “Step-by-Step guide to take you to the Core Message” is created.

which includes step by step guidelines, thinking framework and examples to get to your well-defined core message


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