Do you want to steer your business to wherever you want to be?


The Strategy toolkit

A PROVEN 5-steps blueprint that walks you through the ENTIRE STRATEGIC PLANNING PROCESS.

That help you to answer big questions like:

How do you know if it’s the right time to make an investment for your business?
Are you putting your business on the right path?
How can I increase the sales & revenue?
How can I reduce the costs in 2 years?

So... What is in the Toolkit?

1. Content Vault

12 Guides to guide you through the Strategic Planning Process

strategic planning guides (full list)

2. Design Vault

Planning Slides + Strategic Plan Template

We took care the design for you so you can spend less time focusing on the little details that go into making your strategic plan deck and more time focusing on the message and content!


  • Over 150+ slides in total covering end-to-end strategic planning process

It includes:

      1. Planning Slides: SWOT Analysis, GAP Analysis, Fish Bone, Mind Map
      2. Introduction: Table of Content, Message from CEO, Executive Summary, Company’s mission & vision
      3. Strategy Overview: Summary of the key business strategies that the company is going to implement, including Strategy House, Map and Dashboard
      4. Implementation/Detail Project Plan: Project Plan/Summary, Objectives Chart, Implementation plan (cycle), Business Continuity Plan (process chart) and Capacity Planning
      5. Budget / Resource Management: Budgeting, Cost Management, Effort & Cost Estimation, Quote Comparison, Request for Resources form
      6. Stakeholder Management: Project Team Organization / Structure, Communication Plan, Stakeholder Buy-in Map, Governance Timeline & Map
      7. Performance Dashboard / Project status Report: Roadmap status, Performance Dashboard, Project Risk Analysis, Project Delays Report, Celebrate Success chart
      8. Roadmap / Milestones: 3 years strategic intent, 3 years roadmap, Implementation Process Map / Chart, Milestone Map
      9. Risks, Challenges & Benefits
  • Size 16:9 ratio
  • File Type: PPTX
  • Handcrafted Infographic in Powerpoint
  • Vector icons 
  • Pixel-perfect illustrations
  • All Graphic Resizable and Editable
  • Picture Placeholder, drag & drop

See what other people

Just like you

said about the toolkit

I have tried using SlideBlueprint’s strategic planning approach in my small startup. I must say it tremulously help me steering my company 5 years down the road, with clear objectives and effectively grabs the opportunities in the market. Without it, I am still drilling on the operational issues I am facing every day without making any improvement in revenue and profits.
Prashanth K
Retail, India
I originally think strategic planning is just a blah’, useless and time-consuming. But going through SlideBlueprint’s simple 5 steps approach, it is not as time-consuming as I think it will be. Also I found my team are more aligned and improved in communication, colleagues with increased skills and capabilities after going through all the exercises. This is definitely a bonus for me!
Frida J
Amazing! Used the simple strategic approach by Slideblueprint. It helps to increase my department sales by over 30% in 3 consecutive years!
Liam Goodman
Engineering Industry, United Kingdom

Compare the Strategic Planning toolkit to ...

  • Find a consultant with average cost for a strategic plan at USD30,000
  • Take an MBA course for 12-36 months at USD60,000
  • Buy lots of strategic books to train your mindset that consume lots of time and money
  • Templates in the market. Mainly focus on theme design and give you bunch of infographics but not helping you on the actual content writing. They don’t tailor made for the scenarios of strategic planning deck. 

There’s a different option. This Strategy toolkit unlike any of these options.

It’s tested, affordable, and proven to work.

Only costs USD77 (ONE OFF payment)

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