To help writing your WINNING job marketing materials that can land interview after interview


The Resume, Cover letter & Freelancer pitch deck toolkit

The best end-to-end material on turning your resume, cover letter and freelancer self-pitch deck into interview magnets. It includes a content vault and a design vault.

1. Content Vault

6 Guides + 1 Worksheet

the 4 steps approach to write resume, cover letter, and freelancer self-pitch

Overview: the 4 steps approach to write resume, cover letter, and freelancer self-pitch

Overview of simple, step-by-step system anyone could use to land a Dream Job

resume toolkit research framework

Research Framework: Think from the view of your hiring manager / potential client

To write a winning resume, cover letter or freelancer pitch, the very first step is to spend time doing research to get crystal clear about the job. To help you do your research effectively, here comes a research framework to guide you through.

How to write a narrative for resume, cover letter and freelancer pitch

How to write your narrative?

Most resumes are simply a list of facts. Facts are not enough. An effective resumes need a narrative to market yourself. This step-by-step guide with tested examples will help you craft your own narrative and reflect the story in your resume, cover letter and freelancer self-pitch.

how to write for each bullet in resume

How to write for each bullet in the resume that link up your narratives?

A narrative is a story, a thread that ties together all the elements of your resume together. In this guide, we will focus on how to write for each bullet in the resume that link up with the narratives that you set earlier.

Essential Component for Resume

Essential component for resume

Resumes matter. A good resume can mean the difference between getting noticed, getting interviewed, and landing your Dream Job. Here we list out all the essential components you need to include with a guide on how to write them.

Essential components for cover letter

Essential component for cover letter

Cover letter is your first chance to have a conversation with your prospective employer / client. Think of it as the written response to the question, “Why should we interview you for this job?” Here is a simple step-by-step guide to write a winning letter with tested examples.

essential component for freelancer pitch

Essential component for freelancer self-pitch

Let’s face it as freelancers the biggest challenge is to find clients and market yourselves. In this guide, we will go through: essential elements in your self-pitch presentation, and the structure of the winning self-pitch slide decks

2. Design Vault

Resume + Freelancer pitch template

We took care the design for you so you can spend less time focusing on the little details that go into making your resume and presentation deck and more time focusing on the message and content!

Resume template: 

  • Various resume templates 
  • Size A4
  • File Type: PPTX

Freelancer pitch template:

  • Over 150+ slides in total covering various popular freelance job industry: social media marketing, education, music, design and creative, fitness and yoga 
  • Size 16:9 ratio
  • File Type: PPTX
  • Handcrafted Infographic in Powerpoint
  • Vector icons 
  • Pixel-perfect illustrations
  • All Graphic Resizable and Editable
  • Picture Placeholder, drag & drop

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said about the toolkit

I loves working as a freelancer but found it very difficult in pitching to my potential clients. There are not many clear guidelines available online until I found SlideBlueprint toolkit. I followed its step-by-step guide with its presentation templates. Now it is much easier for me to engage with my potential clients and has helped me landing couple of jobs since then.
Edward Kong
Hong Kong
I have been stuck in job searching for 8 months, sending out resumes to over 100 companies. Have tried using different templates provided online but found it is not helping me to improve my resume/cover letter at all (apart from making it looks nicer with the templates provided). Slideblueprint steps-by-steps guide help me to understand my strength and I have learnt how to market myself much better. I got calls right away after revamping my CV using SlideBlueprint toolkit.
Jimmy Goodman
United Kingdom
I followed the steps, worksheets and the templates provided by SlideBlueprint, and I finally landed my dream job with 30%+ increase in my salary.
Rahul Gupta

Compare the Resume, Cover letter & Freelancer pitch deck toolkit to ...

  • Online Software / tool in the market. They usually charge $/month, mainly focus on helping you on resume design but not the content. 
  • Templates in the market. Mainly focus on theme design and give you bunch of infographics but not helping you on the actual content writing. They also don’t tailor made for the scenarios for freelancer pitch deck.
  • Generic tips.  Lots of tips available are list of must include items, or compare resume chronological vs. functional format. They cannot help you writing each bullet of the resume / each paragraph of cover letter / every slide of a freelancer pitch deck. 

There’s a different option. This Resume, Cover letter & Freelancer pitch deck toolkit unlike any of these options.

It’s tested, affordable, and proven to work.

Only costs $57 (ONE OFF payment)

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